Sensory cubes magic cube intellectual development baby kids music toy

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Sensory cubes magic cube intellectual development baby kids music toy

Sensory cubes magic cube Features: 

1. Touch-sensitive Sensory cubes magic cube.

 2. There are multiple modes, you can learn and play. Exercise responsiveness and hearing

to enhance the sense of music. 

3. The sound quality is clear and the effect is outstanding.

4. Sensory cubes magic cube is simple and suitable in size, which can be carried with you to play with children.

How to play Sensory cubes magic cube

1. Press the power button. 

2. Game mode (from left to right name: power "pass-through mode" "connection mode". "Music

mode" "tracking mode" "memory mode") learning mode (from left to right name: power "life encyclopedia" "story School "Guoxue Tiandi" "L Ge Tiandi" "Piano Mode") 

3. Each game corresponds to a color block. Move your hand over the corresponding color block

to activate the game mode you want to play. (The detailed description of each game mode is as follows.) 

4. Press the power button during the game to return to the main menu. 

5. Press the power switch on the main menu interface to turn off the game console. 

6. There is no operation on the game console, and a mode tone will be played every 15 seconds, the sequence is "memory model", "tracking mode" "music mode" "connection mode" "passing mode", (similar in learning mode) after playing After the mode beep, there is no operation for another 15 seconds, and after playing the "bye-bye" prompt, it enters the energy-saving mode. Press the power button to wake it up.

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