Which are the best drone for sales 2018 ?

22 minutes long time flight drones is the best drone for beginners. Distributor waiting for several years . And finally we make it happen. One lipo battery support 22 minutes continue flying . No longer busy to charge the battery.  Good quality cameras ,support live streaming.

DIY quadcopter for education & fun. Drone body, lipo battery, wifi camera, all are modular design . the other lightspot is Motion control transmitter. Also call G-sensor. Excellent workmanship , all client love it once take it on hand.

diy quadcopter


Optical flow & hover drone is another new function for 2018 sales. Compare with single altitude hold function, this new funciton make the drone really hovering in sky.

Best drones under 100 USD should be consider GPS drone. Got different solution of camera for choice. 720P camera & 1080P camera . GPS function included : track flight, Return to Home depot, follow me ,geofencing app,Take-off, Landing, etc.

GPS drone

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